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Suffocating Minds (SFMD) is a band from Liege(Belgium), born in 2007, and mainly influenced by different Electronic, Pop-Rock and Synthwave. Thanks to their tracks, SFMD, (lead singer Vincent Lemineur, bassist David Ninane, keyboardist Grégory Lacomble, guitarist Stephane Delnaye and sound engineer Kevin Rudzik) send out contradictory but complementary feelings: strength and weakness, energy and bitterness, doubts and firmness and a mix of nostalgia and enthusiasm. In 2015 and with this wealth of experience, SFMD has put in at Francofolies de Spa, a recognized belgian festival. They also participated in 2017 in W -Festival and in Synthetic Snow Festival in Moscow. In the same year, they finally released their second album, called “Second Life”. “Run Free” was released after a long trip in the USA in 2019. But 2019 had only begun: Suffocating Minds rocked the place at ECU Festival in Paris in april. Even if 2020 is an unusual time, they've managed to share some music with a brand new single: Darling.

Suffocating Minds

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